DeKalb Schools Calendar Still Undecided for Next Year

Teachers favored an alternative calendar that would feature a shorter summer break, while parents favor the traditional calendar.

Teachers in DeKalb County favor a "balanced" school calendar with a shorter summer break, while most parents favor keeping a traditional school calendar, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Those are the results from a recent online survey that polled 7,000 respondents in the district. The poll revealed mixed results: half of the respondents favored the alternative calendar and half preferred the traditional calendar.

The results were clearer when respondents were broken into groups. A clear majority of the 1,500 teachers polled wanted the balanced calendar, according to the report.

Parents in DeKalb will be receiving paper surveys in front of a scheduled Monday vote by the school board on which calendar to adopt.

What do you think? Do you favor the traditional calendar or would you be in favor of a balanced calendar with a shorter summer break?

~ HHS ~ October 03, 2012 at 04:15 AM
Too many decisions are being made in the county without looking at the "complete" picture. It is too soon to vote on a calendar. The other aspects of the budget need to be taken into count first. Will there be Pre-K next year? (Their calendar is different.) Will there be transporation to/from magnet schools and/or other programs? Will the schools offer afterschool care during the "closed" days? The board & administration should be fully informed before placing any official votes this year. Did we not learn our lesson from this year's budget voting fiasco from voting on modifying the PreK program, transportation and other programs before considering the full outcome of making such radical changes? I think that they need to decide on the budget first-- like NOW! The number of days in school is basically the same every year--mandated from the DOE. So, that does not affect the budget as much. But, furlough days and and the programs offered definitely affects who will be participating and their necessary arrangements for transporting children to/from school. My 2 cents worth: Create a budget immediately--Decide EVERYTHING else after that. Don't give any raises or make any new administrative positions until the budget is fixed.
H.A. Hurley October 03, 2012 at 12:23 PM
We keep expecting that this Board and superintendent learn from previous experiences. Oh, how wrong we are! Please don't confuse them with such important facts and details that impact thousands of DC residents. When you truly do not care what residents think, and only follow the RTTT $$$ - ie. paying for Ph.Ds, taking $$$ from paras, bus drivers, technology staff and teachers, then you can march forward and make such careless decisions. DC residents expressed outrage in May of last school year when DCSS tried to 'ram' the new school calendar past DC residents. Their ability to accomplish typical school system tasks, one is very concerned when they add this change to their unfinished business.


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