Parents Continue Backlash Against New School Calendar

Comments have pored into Dunwoody Patch about the hasty change to the school calendar, with some parents claiming there was little public input.

DeKalb County schools will change schedules next fall to shorten the summer break and adopt a so-called "balanced" schedule, a move supported by most teachers but not popular with parents, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The discussion about changing the school schedules started this year and was delayed as the district attempted to gather more information after a backlash from parents.

The delay seemed to little to stem the anger of parents: Here are some edited excerpts received by Dunwoody Patch.

I'm not saying its good or bad either way, it just doesn't shock me that the board asks for input yet goes against the
popular/favorable opinion by those who took the survey. I'm all for the most educational plan, the students should be #1
I'm gathering somme comments on this issue. Why is it bad? Is trimming summer by two weeks meet any education goal.
popular/favorable opinion by those who took the survey. I'm all for the most educational plan, the students should be #1 

Is not every reaction from residents in Dunwoody negative if it pertains to Dekalb County

The respect for DCSS to handle the duties of running the system and educating our children is rocky, at best. Skills are needed to run a tight budget, keep us out of court, hire competent educators, retain good staff, treat teachers and residents with dignity and make sure that our children are learning. Well, that's the problem! Decisions made by the Board and the superintendent are marginal and the residents have to question each and every decision. Lost respect years ago.
Calendar research is mixed. Just spreading out the days does not improve academic achievement. Increasing the number of days and lengthening the day show improvement. However, the cost to pay staff is enormous and DCSS has no money due to $$$$$$$$ spent on litigations, contract buy-outs, PhD tuition for highly paid administrators, and lost $$$ in couch pillows. It is not going to teachers, bus drivers, custodians, lunch ladies - the feet on the ground.
It's a mess which will not get better with the current leadership. Yes, we question everything, because so little is done well.




The school board voted 6-2 Monday in favor of the new calendar. The new schedule will shortener summer break by two weeks and build those vacation days into fall and winter.

Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson has said students forget too much of the instruction during a traditional summer break. School will start Aug. 5 instead of Aug. 12 and will end May 29 instead of May 23, according to the report.

A three-day fall break will be added Oct. 7 and Oct. 9 and a four-day winter break from Feb. 18 to Feb. 21, which will be added to Presidents' Day.

Nearly 60 percent of parents favored keeping the traditional school calendar.

Rob October 11, 2012 at 01:33 PM
I guess I am looking at it more open minded than others in Dunwoody. The kids are already going back to school in early August when it ts typically very hot, now they are backing up the start date a few days earlier and the kids will get a nice fall break. The same goes for a winter break with Dekalb extending the calendar a few days in May. As I remarked before, with the exception that most people in Dunwoody are programmed to be "anti" Dekalb County, I really see little problem with the new calendar. Dunwoody has left a bad impression with Dekalb County in the past, I remember the DHA fighting them tooth and nail when Dekalb came to town years ago to announce they wanted to spend money to improve our streets and after all the uproar, the Dekalb officials remarked: If Dunwoody does not want our money to improve streets, we will take it else where... and they did! Sometimes I am embarrassed to tell people I live in Dunwoody and since we share the zip code with Atlanta, I use Atlanta as my home city on all my documents. I am not alone on this type of thinking either, recently a friend of mine was applying for a high level job in Cobb County and she used Atlanta instead of Dunwoody as her address. BTW.. She got the job :)
Kimberly October 11, 2012 at 08:37 PM
I too am in the "minority" that want the balanced calendar. All I hear people complaining about are their vacations not the benidict of the students. I doubt anyone in our affluent district will miss a vacation. It sounds so selfish and out of touch. The shorter the summer break the better. I want my child to continue to grow and prosper and having two months off then spending a month refreshing isn't optimal. I wish we'd go year round. I moved here around the time of the redistricting. We got a really bad impression of the dunwoody community, I too use Atlanta as my city since its my postal city. I'm imbarrassed. Too many self serving, judgemental people, who really just seem out of touch with what is important.


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