Kingsley Elementary School Trying To Win a School Full of iPads

The school is a finalist in a Clorox educational grant that could net the school $25,000.

Dunwoody's Kingsley Elementary School is drumming up community support for a contest that could land the school an iPad for each student at the school.

The school is one of a handful of finalists for the Clorox Bright Futures Grant and have 33 more days to tally votes.

You can vote here to help out the school, and people are allowed to do so twice a day.

Winning the grant would bestow the school with $25,000 worth of the iPads - which would be aid in basic reading and math skills.

School officials also say that teachers at the school have liked the educational applications on the device, and would be able to use it in the classroom if all students had one.

You can also support the school's effirt via your cell phone. Text 1913pbf to 95248 to log a vote.


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