Will New MARTA Code Lure You to Public Transit?

“Moving forward, MARTA will no longer tolerate bad behavior on our system,” said Frederick L. Daniels Jr., MARTA board chairman.

Will a new code of conduct approved by MARTA Monday make you more likely to ride public transportation?

The MARTA Board of Directors approved “Ride With Respect,” a new policy to help improve the overall customer experience by addressing nuisance behaviors with penalties including possible suspension from the transit system. The policy goes into effect Nov. 9.

“Ride With Respect” was prompted by concerns from existing and potential MARTA customers.

Under the new code of conduct, prohibited activities include solicitation, selling goods or services, loud music, spitting, littering, eating on transit vehicles, drinking on transit vehicles without re-sealable drink containers, fighting and disruptive behavior – many of which are also violations of state law and could result in arrest.

“Moving forward, MARTA will no longer tolerate bad behavior on our system,” said Frederick L. Daniels Jr., MARTA board chairman.

The policy – along with a more robust police presence, new vehicle security cameras and a mobile phone app to report problems – will make MARTA more attractive and help customers feel more comfortable, said Keith T. Parker, MARTA’s general manager and CEO.

What do you think of the new code? Tell us in the comments section below.

This report includes portions of a MARTA statement.
Cynthia Renea Mitchell September 10, 2013 at 09:51 AM
If you could stop those same people that are panhandling on Marta everyday like it is there job, the ride would be so much more pleasant. Plus increased security on board to deal with pan handlers as soon as they start would help also.
DekalbSchoolWatch2 September 11, 2013 at 03:00 PM
Yeah, right. Who exactly will be policing this? What will they do with all of those arrested? The jail is already over-crowded. As always, the problem lies in upbringing and education. Instead of punishing young adult behaviors, invest in teaching them to be respectable and courteous. Reward them for good behavior in school and give them an education that will encourage self-awareness and pride in place.
Michael S. September 12, 2013 at 07:47 PM
Uniform Police must create a High Visibility policy. The riding public perception is one of disorder, with no police enforcement. On stations when seen, they're talking on cell phones. On trains they lock themselves in compartment in rear car and don't come out till they exit the train. I ride the Gold line four times a week and see this. Maybe the Local Police Departments should take over station patrol and let Marta police stick to train patrol.


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