U.S. Sen. John Isakson Speaks Monday in Dunwoody

The event drew more than 100 businessmen and politicians to the Dunwoody Terraces South building Monday evening for A Dunwoody Chamber event.

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson (R-Georgia) spoke to more than 100 hundred business and political leaders Monday at the office complex Dunwoody Terraces South.

The junior senator preached an austerity budget moving forward that focused on cutting spending and rejiggering "entitlement programs," such as Social Security.

Isakson was the lead speaker for a gala of the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce, which installed new officers Monday for the coming year. The names were not immmediately available Monday.

Isakson talked largely about ways to get federal spending in line: programs like food stamps and Medicaid need to be reined in - he said - and programs like the above-mentioned Social Security needs to be tweaked so that people can draw on it later in life due to longer life expectancies.

He called Social Security in the way it's currently run as a "relic of (an earlier) century" in that it takes nearly 3 workers to sustain a beneficiary.

The announcement of the new Dunwoody Chamber officers will be announced Tuesday. Check back to Dunwoody Patch for updates. In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter.

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Adrienne Duncan October 23, 2012 at 11:01 AM
Jason, please correct this ASAP. The chamber went to great lengths to explain that this was not a political fundraiser. And it wasn't. The headline is misleading. What is the point of saying the names weren't released? We need time to get the info together and get it out. It wasn't going to happen right after the gala.
Jason Massad October 23, 2012 at 11:22 AM
Adrienne, I respect you and your opinion. The flyer is explicit that this is not a campaign event. That should be toned down in the headline, and it was. However, the Isakson flyer also notes limits of $2,500 and $5,000 in election fund caps in his flyer. He is clearly raising money as a matter if course and would be expected to as a U.S. Senator. The story makes no implication that he was here in Dunwoody for cash and that's it. I really appreciate your perspective.
Andrew Sampson October 23, 2012 at 07:37 PM
Jason, it was not the story's headline that is misleading - it is the subject line of the Dunwoody Patch email you sent out "U.S. Sen. John Isakson Holds Fundraiser Monday in Dunwoody and more from Dunwoody Patch". The flyer (and all communications about the event) clearly states "This is a Chamber of Commerce fund raiser and not a campaign event". The message about caps in the flyer is an elections requirement and does not make this event into a fund raiser for Senator Isakson as a matter of course as you allege. Your subject line is a misstatement and misleading and takes away from the real reason for the event - the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce's Annual Meeting and dinner.
Jason Massad October 23, 2012 at 09:49 PM
Sorry for the confusion on this. The flyer clearly states it is for the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce and is not a campaign event. Beneath that, and it's confusing in my mind, is how much individuals can donate to Isakson's election, $2,500 in this case. I understand the intent was not to raise money as stated and the shine was on the Chamber. But I think you can see that there are two purposes here. One a U.S. Senator doing a good and charitable thing, while also making it known he needs to raise campaign cash. I am sorry for any confusion. And I understand the difference in what went out in the a.m. headline. It has been changed for legitimate reasons. My apologies for the confusion.


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