Question: Is Ginger White a Victim?

White is coming out with a tell-all book about her affair for over a decade with then-presidential hopeful Herman Cain, an Atlanta resident. Why now? Do you think she is seeking publicity?

Former Dunwoody resident Ginger White is announcing she will write a book about her affair with Herman Cain, a revelation that effectively ended his bid for the GOP nomination in early 2012.

White, the fifth woman to come forward about alleged sexual indiscretions with Cain, was considered a "nail in the coffin" related to similar questions about Cain.

Question: Are there sexual politics in play when a politician can have affairs and go on to succesful professional lives? Is it fair that women, especially in a high-profile case - can become outcasts? In short, is this kind of discrimination still in our society? Does it reveal our biases? In what way?

In an interview Wednesday, White – who in 2011 lived in the Dunwoody Perimeter apartment Ashford Park – said she wanted payback for the upheaval that has come with the notoriety that Cain brought to her and her family.

She said she was wrting the back to be 'proactive' about her claims of the affair, according to a summary of a portion of the article.

White made a national media circuit through Slate, claimed she had been called a whore, homewrecker and worse.

Read the rest of the story here.

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Luis Camacho October 26, 2012 at 11:58 AM
She is living with the consequences of her decisions, just as Cain is living with his. If you're looking for vistims, talk to her children or the former Mrs. Cain.


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