Politico Bob Lundsten Fights Back For Community Garden

A Patch commenter questioned where donations of fresh produce and food from the garden actually was donated. Lundsten responded in his popular blog "Farmer Bob" promptly.

A story about a fruit orchard that will soon be planted for the proud organization that runs the Dunwoody Community Garden in Brook Run Park has stirred up some online controversy.

The Dunwoody Patch story was reported Oct. 30. The community garden won a fruit orchard months ago of some 20 trees and 15 fruit bushes as part of an online contest marketed by Edy's Fruit Bars. It will be a big expansion for a garden with humble roots, starting out in an unsupported county park with few resources.

Needless to say, the orchard was a source of pride and a display of community organization in a national contest that reaped thousands of online votes for the local garden.

However, some online discussion about the innocous-seeming 10 a.m. Nov. 9 planting of the hard-won orchard has created some spirited discussion. Specifically sparking a battle of alleged false statements about the community garden at large.

The Patch commentor "Make Mine A Double" implied that the garden no longer provided food to St. Patrick's, a local charity across the road from Brook Run. The comment has since been removed from Dunwoody Patch.

The comment by "Make Mine A Double" on Dunwoody Patch (again since removed): "Patch Staff, the Community Garden no longer donates food to the 'community' food pantry at St (sic) Pat's. It donates to a food pantry outside the community. Yet another good project hijacked for personal agendas." 

Bob Lundsten, who operates a popular blog "Dunwoody Farmer Bob" and who is a prominent local politico, copied that comment and in an effort to set the record straight, went hard at it.

Posted Thursday a little before 10 a.m., Lundsten wrote a lengthy screed on the accusation.

Here's an excerpt:

"The current Garden Board made a decision to expand the list of recipients of the food grown at the garden beyond those at St. Pats.

Nothing in the by laws specifically marks St. Pats as the sole beneficiary of the efforts of the garden members.

For two years members of the Dunwoody Community Garden have been building a stand alone garden AT St. Pats.  With that occurring, the current board saw an opportunity to expand their reach to include other agencies.

The Dunwoody Women's Club came forward with a project and the current board made the decision to include them in the donation plan.The past boards and current Board of the Garden should be congratulated for its on-going efforts and the job the members have done to feed those in need throughout the city. Over a ton of food was gathered this year.

Make Mine a Double should be ashamed of trying to tarnish the image of the Garden Board to advance whatever political agenda he has. Some people believe it or not give because they want to and it is the right thing to do, not becasue they see some personal gain.

Lundsten has been deeply involved in the community garden and its outreach to the organizations it donates to. Lundsten is employes as chief of staff to County Commissioner Elaine Boyer.

The initial Dunwoody Patch article seemed to create confusion among readers, at least initially.

"So does the garden at the back of Brook Run donate to St Pat's or not? Make Mine says they don't. Is he right or wrong?" asked Dunwoody Working Man.

Gardening is a big deal in Dunwoody. So is controversy, in this case.




cats eye November 06, 2012 at 02:48 PM
The project that the Dunwoody Women 's Club proposed was accepted by the Garden Board. What was the project?
Richard November 07, 2012 at 12:43 AM
A better question that was discussed at the Hickory House in Dunwoody this morning after several voters gathered there was: Make Mine A Double & DunwoodyWorkingMan is also the guy who sold a false bill of goods about a "Hawk Emergency" last week on another blog, and they fell for it hook, line, and sinker!


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