New Pavement on Perimeter Center East is Constructed; Striping To Be Completed

Perimeter Center East near Ashford Dunwoody was recently repaved, but there's still work to do to guide traffic safely.

A year ago, Perimeter Center East where it funneled out to Ashford Dunwoody Road had its pitfalls, potholes - in short it could be a bumpy ride.

But after a resurfacing in the last several weeks, the road is smooth and a pleasure to drive on, say residents.

But there's an issue. Some unusual white markings on the road can be a bit confusing. The striping is not completed and traditional lane separation is lacking.

That's not to say the busy road is suffering. Turnoffs to Bank of America and the shopping plaza leading to Alon's Bakery is as as popular as ever, with seemingly few problems.

But what's the eventual plan for this section of roadway? The answer, said Michael Smith, public works director, is that most of the road will be a two-lane road, as opposed to the four-lane it was in some parts.

In addition, 5-foot bike lanes will be installed on both lanes, Smith said. Helping to make the city more bikeable. A similar project is being constructed on Mt. Vernon west of Ashford Dunwoody, complete with a sidewalk and bike lanes.

As far as the strange white markings that currently mark the Perimeter road, those are temporary. Traditional turn lanes and familiar yellow striping to separate lanes are on the way, say officials.




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