Nearby Dunwoody: DeKalb Seeks Peer Reviewers to Expedite Commercial Permits

County seeks help from certified architects and engineers.

DeKalb County Commissioners in session. Credit: Kevin Madigan
DeKalb County Commissioners in session. Credit: Kevin Madigan
A news release from DeKalb County Government Communications:

In an ongoing effort to improve the permitting process in DeKalb, the county is preparing to launch the Expedited Commercial Plan Review Program to offer customers a guaranteed 10 business day review time for all commercial projects.  In order to meet this objective, DeKalb County is seeking certified architects and engineers to apply to become peer reviewers with DeKalb County.  

“One of the best things we can do to stimulate our local economy is to improve our processes so that it is easy to do business in DeKalb County,” said Interim CEO Lee May in a news release.  “To that end, we are asking qualified experts to become peer reviewers as we seek to we reduce our commercial plan review time to 10 days.”

Through the DeKalb County Expedited Commercial Plan Review Program, customers will submit their plans directly to an approved peer reviewer to ensure their project is consistent with all applicable building, fire, and accessibility codes.  Once the peer reviewer approves the plans, the customer will submit the approved plans to the County.  If no code violations are found, the customer will receive their permit within ten business days. 

For more information on the program, or to learn more about becoming a peer reviewer, visitwww.planningdekalb.net/expediteplans.  It is important to note that both the design firm and the individual reviewer will need to register in order to participate.


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