Meet the Candidates: Bob Dallas, Candidate for Mayor

Our continuing series of articles profiling the candidates in this year's Dunwoody municipal elections.

Dunwoody’s general election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011, and four seats on the city council will be open this fall (Councilman John Heneghan is running unopposed). In their words, candidates will be introducing themselves here at Patch. Today, we profile Mayoral candidate Bob Dallas, who is one of three candidates seeking the seat currently held by Ken Wright, who is not seeking re-election:  





Valley View



I am married to Liz, and have five great sons: Brad (22), Jack (9), Iain (8), Quincy (7) and Whittaker (5). Yes it is loud!


Current Job/Company: 

I am a business attorney with Casey Gilson P.C. located in the Perimeter. I served as the Director of the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety under the Perdue administration; I was a partner in the Dunwoody law firm of Shaw, Evans and Dallas; a senior associate with the Atlanta law firm Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy; and a computer systems project manager with BellSouth Corporation.



Bachelor of Science Business Administration University of Florida; Masters of Business Administration University of Florida; Juris Doctor Georgia State University College of Law.


How long have you lived in Dunwoody: 

Since 1983


Community organizations: 

• City of Dunwoody Planning Commissioner, Chairman

• Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce, Executive Board Member

• Atlanta Regional Commission Class of 2008 Regional Leadership Institute Graduate

• International Association of Chiefs of Police Associate Member

• DeKalb County District One Planning Commissioner, Vice-Chairman (former)

• State of Georgia Public Service Commission Hearing Officer (former)

• Safe Kids of Georgia, Founder, Director and President (former)

• DeKalb County Children's Initiative and Collaborative Board

• Co-Chair of Board and Executive Committee (former)

• Dunwoody Home Owners Association, Board Member (former)

• Dunwoody YES! Board Member (former)

• Dunwoody Rotary Club, Board of Directors Member (former)

• Spruill Center for the Arts, Board Member and President (former)

• Vermack Tennis & Swim Club - President (former)

• DeKalb County Blue Ribbon Sales Tax Study Committee Member (former)

• Chairman of the Citizens For Property Tax Relief in DeKalb County (former)

• Georgia State University Alumni Club Presidents' Committee - Past Chairman

• Georgia State University Law Alumni Club - Past President


Your platform: 

I believe Dunwoody is a family friendly city whose best days are ahead. I will be the mayor who has the experience to do the job, who will listen to the citizens and who will carry out their vision for the future. I am committed to keeping taxes low and no council millage increases; supporting public safety for safe streets; protecting neighborhood zoning; and improving our roads and parks.


Other than the people, what is the best part of Dunwoody? 

Being a new city allows us to focus on protecting our family oriented neighborhoods and we are supported with nearby first class offices and commercial districts. Being ATP (At The Perimeter) gives us the best of all worlds.  


What are the two biggest issues facing Dunwoody?  

Equally education and taxes top the list of many.

Education: Many families are here because they believe in our Dunwoody schools and the value of all our homes depend on good schools. Many are concerned the schools are not meeting expectations. As mayor, I will support our schools in every way possible, which includes ensuring the highest level of public safety, ensuring our zoning is followed so as to prevent over-development, and supporting parents as they hold our school officials accountable. I partnership with our schools, we also need properly located parks which support our Dunwoody kids' field sports. 

Taxes: As mayor I will not vote to raise the millage rate. As a former State of Georgia agency director, I know how to stick to a tight budget so Dunwoody residents can have the confidence this is a promise I will keep. As the leader of the citizen committee which brought us H.O.S.T. and a Dunwoody YES! board member, I have demonstrated my long term commitment to lowering taxes and providing better services.


What is something people may not know about you? 

I chaired the Citizens For Property Tax Relief in DeKalb County. This was a two year effort involving many citizens to bring H.O.S.T. property tax relief to DeKalb County homeowners. This is the largest homeowner property tax relief in Georgia history and Dunwoody homeowners receive the benefit to this day. And for this year, the City of Dunwoody may receive in upwards of $3 million in H.O.S.T. proceeds which it may use to improve infrastructure, i.e. accelerate the paving of Dunwoody’s roads.

joseph kane October 13, 2011 at 03:11 PM
what are we to make of those fundraisetrsw from lawyers, developers, real estate interests. Surely there is no kickback. Seems to me you have been/ will be corrupted even bef ore the voting booths open!!!


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