Heneghan Filed Complaint Before Ethics Investigation Was Released

City deems the complaint not worthy of a formal review that would trigger a full-blown ethics inquiry.

Allegations, arguments and dischord reached a fevered pitch this week in an ongoing city ethics case that involves Councilowman Adrian Bonser and the counter claims filed by her against the rest of the City Council.

A recently released document - filed mid-May - from Councilman John Heneghan sheds new light on individual council members thoughts on the ethics case.

Henghan speaks out about ethics complaints in July.

In an executive session a week or so prior to the release of Bob Wilson's investigation, Heneghan suggested that the report be sent directly to the Board of Ethics, which would seem to protect it from public disclosure.

The Wilson report, released May 21, was a scathing account of how former City Attorney Brian Anderson and Bonser leaked confidential information about  "Project Renaissance," a project they disliked and lobbied against.

Heneghan speaks out about ethics complaints

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Heneghan's letter, attached to this story in its entirety, is signed by Heneghan and certified by Sharon Lowery, the city clerk. However, it failed to name anyone and fell short of the standard the city uses for gauging the validity of ethics complaints, according to city officials.

Otherwisee the letter is more-or-less cryptic. Its aim is not completely clear. Heneghan calls for the report to go to the Ethics Board, which has protected sensitive documents since mid-July, citing state law.

He also claims that any irregularities in ethics violations should be dealt with … "as it relates to the penalties they deem appropriate."

Heneghan's request has not been honored, up this point, because it is not considered a formal complaint. Bob Mulllen, city spokesman, said this is the reason the complaint has gained no traction.

The Board off Ethics is meeting in September, where they could dismiss any unfounded ethics claims against Councilwoman Adrian Bonser and the rest if the city council members.

Rob August 18, 2012 at 02:01 PM
A quote by Mr. Henegans from his own website: "transparency in Government breeds self-corrective behavior." Guess it sounds good in theory---and for reelection purposes!
Milton Friedman August 18, 2012 at 02:47 PM
Its so much more fun to speculate. Perhaps the good Councilor's complaint did not comply with the code for filing such a complaint? That is what Mr. Mullen should have stated. I would suggest Mr. Mullen choose his words more carefully in the future as many of his statements are simply not factually accurate and does a disservice misleading the public. And Jason - John's complaint was considered and was returned as it did not satisfy the requirements for a "perfected" complaint. For one, the complainant must cite the specific code they consider to have been violated. So your statement, "Heneghan's request has not been honored, up this point, because it is not considered a formal complaint. Bob Mulllen, city spokesman, said this is the reason the complaint has gained no traction", There is no "traction to gain"! The complaint was considered and rejected for not meeting the requirements. Nothing has prevented John, or any other Council member from filing an individual complaint other that they've already filed a combined complaint.
Honey Boo-boo August 18, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Always good writing from the economist-who-knew-too-much. Whatever, who cares? This whole thing sucks rotten eggs . . .
Frank August 21, 2012 at 09:40 PM
John Heneghan is a high paid senior Federal employee. How can he find the time to keep up blogs, file complaints, and attend special meetings on ethics during work hours? I think using official time and salary to support political activity is illegal. Someone at DOT needs to investigate this to see if it's legal and make sure he's not doing this at the tax payers' expense. Who can someone report this to?
Milton Friedman August 22, 2012 at 12:53 AM
Honey boo-boo, who I also expect posts as Rob, Robert Turner, Rob Turner - well I guess I would prefer to be an economist that knew too much then an uninformed, canky old curmudgeon which you appear to be. Try seeing the glass as half full half of the time. You'll spend less time posting here and any other web-site that hasn't cut you off, and get part of your sad life back. Perhaps you can use that time to go pull the wings off of butterflies, or kick your dog. What a sad, sad life you must have.


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