Ethics Board Could Hear Complaints in September

Ethics Board met Tuesday to discuss how to handle an ethics charge against Councilwoman Adrian Bonser and her counter complaint against members of the city council.

The Dunwoody ethics board plans to take up an ethics complaint against Councilwoman Adrian Bonser and her counter complaints against the rest of City Council in September.

The September meeting will likely be a sort of a clearinghouse for the numerous ethics charges in Dunwoody; the board plans to hear the complaints and decide whether to dismiss them before a formal hearing process moves forward.

The ethics board met Tuesday to discuss the way in which they will handle the various charges. Substantive discussions weren't had Tuesday about the merits of the complaints.

This is the first time since the city's formation that the ethics board has been convened to hear ethics charges.

The city commissioned an investigation into the leaking of confidential city information in February. That investigation reported that Bonser was the source of leaking information about a city redevelopment project "Project Renaissance."

The project is proposed for the Georgetown area. The city is partnering with John Wieland Homes and Neighborhood on the 35-acre project.

Bonser brought complaints against all the members of the City Council and former attorney Brian Anderson after the complaint was made against her.


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