Dunwoody's serious crime held steady in 2011

Violent crimes at much the same rate as in 2010

Violent crimes and property crimes in Dunwoody were virtually even in 2011 with statistics reported in 2010, during the police department’s first full year of operation.

Police reported 1,777 of so-called part 1 crimes, the worst offenses, in 2011, compared to 1,794 of the same reports from the prior year.  That represents less than a 1 percent difference.

Part 1 crime includes violent crime, such as armed robbery, as well as burglary, larceny and vehicle theft

Many of the lesser offenses followed a similar trend. Comparing 2011 to 2010:

  • Drunk Driving Arrests – 170 from 178; a 5 percent drop
  • Shoplifting – 460 from 437; a 5 percent increase
  • Narcotics Possession – 205 from 165; a 25 percent increase
  • Wanted Persons – 162 from 128; a 26 percent increase

The demand for responses from the police force was up near 12 percent in 2011 compared to the prior year. The total number of police calls increased to 34,556 from 30,951.

Alarm calls were slightly down from the 2010 levels of 4,139. Police recorded 4,061 calls in 2011.

Calls for domestic trouble were slightly up. Police recorded 694 domestic calls in 2011 compared to 684 from the prior year.


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