Dunwoody Election Guide

TSPLOST, DeKalb County CEO and DeKalb County Commissioner District 1 are set for a July 31 vote.

As we look ahead to November’s elections, Dunwoody Patch is devoted to bringing you the information you need about every race that affects you. Here's our start on the candidates and issues we'll be covering as November draws near. Bookmark this page for updates.

T-SPLOST: There are few projects that would fall within the city limits of Dunwoody. However the regional one-percent tax would fund a total $8.5 billion in improvements over the next 10 years on I-285 at Ga. 400, I-85 at I-285, $600 million in MARTA improvements and an intelligent traffic system in the Perimeter area.

Dunwoody would also grab it's share of the 15 percent of the tax's total that would be given out to local governments.

DeKalb County Commissioner District 1 race: Incumbent Elaine Boyer faces opposition in the July 31 Republican primary from Larry Danese, a former Democrat. Danese served as Commissioner Kathie Gannon's representative on the county's planning commission before losing to Boyer for the District 1 seat in 2008 as a Democrat.

DeKalb County Commissioner CEO's race: Incumbent faces opposition in the July 31 Democratic primary. Gregory Adams and Jerome Edmondson are both challenging the CEO.

and GOP Presidential Nominee : DeKalb votes heavily Democratic both locally and nationally. Obama carried the county in 2008 by almost 190,000 votes. Dunwoody tends to vote Republican. Despite Georgia advantage, Romney won the county's vote by more than 1,200 votes in the GOP presidential primary.

D June 15, 2012 at 06:04 PM
I own a home in in-town Atlanta on a segment of the proposed Greenbelt and a key focus area for the development of transportation project proposals to be included in the T-SPLOST and witnessed much of the public process leading up to the development of the list of projects that will be funded if the T-SPLOST passes. I was dismayed by that process, the blatant political agenda being pursued in each and every public meeting, and the absolute disregard for the voices of the public. I will be the first to say that Georgia faces a transportation problem decades in the making and that, if not addressed, will stifle economic growth within the state and diminish quality of life for all its residents for decades to come. However, the current collection of projects to be funded by the T-SPLOST are neither individually nor collectively the answer. In fact, these projects in aggregate are at best a placebo that will soothe public frustrations temporarily while allowing the illness to grow worse. I believe passage of the the T-SPLOST will not only fail to deliver meaningful improvements to our state economy and quality of life, but in fact make the situation worse by diverting attention and support away from real solutions in favor of those that are politically expedient. I strongly advise everyone to read the list of projects in detail, look at the supporting documents for themselves. I have done so, and the T-SPLOST will not receive my vote. I ask you to consider doing the same.
DunwoodyWorkingMan July 31, 2012 at 05:49 PM
not many Democrat ballots being requested in Dunwoody. Hopefully Patch will limit the regional articles so we dont have to hear from TSPLOST losers and the anti chicken people


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