Dunwoody Council Could Bump Up City Clerk's Salary

Report says that the range for the salary is too narrow. It recommends expanding the top salary to $93,300 for a position that had adjustments made two years ago. The council is not expected to grant the salary at this time.

The city could move forward with the momentum of "Project Rennaissance" if the council approves the item tonight.

The item to buy a portion of the the 19-acre old Emory Hospital site for a city redevelopment project is on the consent agenda, which means it could be approved with no discussion.

That item is one of a full plate that will be discussed at the meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

The city Conevntion and Visitors' Bureau plans to present its financial statements for the year.

In new discussions, the city will look at creating an agreement with DeKalb County that will allow it to coordinate on road repair neccessary after the county makes sewage repairs.

The council will discuss the legislative priroities of Dunwoody for the 2013 session.

And it will also discuss increasing the maximum salary range for the city clerk. Sharon Lowery, who holds the position, is reaching the top of the salary range, according to a report to council.

Compared to other cities, Dunwoody has a narrower range than the average for comparable positions. The end result: The council could vote to increase the maximum salary range about $10,000 from $83,300 to $93,300.

The report says that the range was adjusted two years ago for that position. The council is not expected to grant the salary at this time to Lowery. Her review process is currently underway, according to a city report.

A review of the process for approving the salaries for the city clerk and the city manager starts at 5 p.m.

You can view the full agendas here.



Rob November 12, 2012 at 08:53 PM
With Dunwoody giving Andersen $29,000.00 to leave, spending over $100,000.00 on the "Leak" investigation, and now spending millions on "Project Remarkable" instead of park space, whats another several thousand or so... just give it to the city clerk!


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