Dunwoody City Council meets Monday

City officials to discuss redevelopment, craft-beer sales and police contract

The Dunwoody City Council plans to officially designate its redevelopment effort in the Georgetown area to follow state legislative rules when it meets Monday.

By designating the 35-acre development as an “urban redevelopment area” the city can proceed with naming a private partner to help redevelop the property.

The project for redevelopment would include 19 acres of property at 4552, 4555 and 4575 N. Shallowford Road, which the city has an option to purchase.

The plan also includes a 16-acre property purchased by the city for $5.6 million, known as the PVC farm.

calls for parks and trails, low-density residential and small neighborhood commercial facilities in an area that's known mostly for a multitude of apartment complexes and aging retail and commercial businesses.

The city expects proposals from developers to come in April 20.

The regular City Council meeting starts at 7 p.m. In other business:

  • City leaders are considering altering the rules to allow more places in the city sell “growlers” of craft beer.
  • The Police Department is recommending a no-bid contract for computer forensic equipment, training and software that’s worth about $10,000.
  • The Council will discuss altering construction restrictions near streams.
  • The city has also called a special executive session on Monday. The executive session is scheduled for 6 p.m.
Joe Seconder April 07, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Stream Buffer Re-Write is loaded with loopholes, exemptions and ambiguity. New Exemptions: 14. Existing: 5. With the new Ordinance, the Stream Buffer is not applicable to residential properties in Dunwoody per Sec. 16-258, (b) Exemptions (8) Single Family residentially-zoned parcels platted prior to December 1, 2008. Buffer: Current: 75-ft Undisturbed Proposed: 50-ft Undisturbed + 25-ft of "impervious cover" with "limited" grading, filling and earthmoving.


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