Dunwoody Cancels All Regularly Scheduled Meetings This Week

The City of Dunwoody municipal offices will be closed on Tuesday.

In preparation for the anticipated winter weather event, the City of Dunwoody has cancelled all regularly scheduled meetings for the week of Feb. 10, 2014.
In preparation for the anticipated winter weather event, the City of Dunwoody has cancelled all regularly scheduled meetings for the week of Feb. 10, 2014.
Patch Staff Report

In preparation for the anticipated winter weather event, the City of Dunwoody has cancelled all regularly scheduled meetings for the week of Feb. 10, 2014.

City staff and the Dunwoody Police Department activated its emergency operations team Monday morning and have begun planning and preparation for the winter weather event based on information received from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency as well as the weather-related state of emergency issued for DeKalb County by the office of the Governor.

The City of Dunwoody municipal offices will be closed for Tuesday February 11, 2014. The city urges residents and community members to use extreme caution on roads and advises motorists to stay off of the roads starting early Monday evening so crews can prepare for and attend to city streets. 

The City Public Works department is prepared for the potential rain, snow, sleet and ice and will continue to monitor precipitation accumulation and temperatures to help ensure and promote public safety. Public Works crews will be working in tandem with Dunwoody police to address and respond to critical needs and emergencies and all city resources, including salt/sand trucks and snow plows, will be deployed as necessary.  

The City has prioritized all road-clearing activities and will employ a primary concentration on the main roads and thoroughfares first and will monitor needs based on the potential extended duration and impact of the winter weather event. 

City officials ask all drivers to be prepared for hazardous road conditions and strictly adhere to all police instructions, road closures and barricades.  Regardless of visible accumulations, bridges and overpasses could be hazardous and the city may need to close off troubled streets and areas for public safety reasons.

The city’s communications team will provide regular updates, warnings and road closure information via city emails and social media outlets to keep residents informed. Please visit www.dunwoodyga.gov to sign-up for City communications and the Dunwoody Alert Network. For all life threatening emergencies please dial 9-1-1 for help.

All regularly scheduled meetings and municipal court sessions will be rescheduled for future dates, dependent upon the potential duration and impact of the winter weather event.

Information for this story was supplied by the City of Dunwoody and edited for publication.
Tony Delmichi February 11, 2014 at 09:00 AM
That was an over kill. Notices for all meetings including city council and Community Council should be given to the public setting a reasonable day and hour. Several of the issues on the agenda had promised public participation. No snow was reported on monday and it is raining according to eyewitness reports on Tuesday. Turning the lights off at city hall was not a smart idea. I understand that the city council never met to consider it and take a vote on it. Was that decision taken by the City manager or the Mayor without consulting with the city council? There are other meeting such as The Community Council during the week - Thursday - and that too was cancelled. That was over kill.
Musthaf Arod Upyur Poopur February 11, 2014 at 09:31 PM
Tony - you obviously don't like it here in Dunwoody. Perhaps you and your wife would be happier back in Connecticut.
Tony Delmichi February 14, 2014 at 10:20 AM
In life, you should consider your family wishes. I might not like your town - whomever you are - I dare you to show your name - I could have prepare another home in Sandy Springs. It was her wish to be close to her office. Traffic in Dunwoody is bad. Poor planing by the city's administration to invite more traffic to this small little town. I guess you know there are plans to waste $2,000,000.00 and build a new parking lot by Vermack to save a driver between half and one minute as he or she turns. Such Dumb idea will invite more traffic at the expense of the residents and the home owners of the city of Dunwoody. I hear many say " Help, get back Dunwoody" from very few dozens who pretend to own the present and the future of that little town called Dunwoody. Yes, I do not like here in Dunwoody. My wife like the location of that old house. She was convinced by her company that her presence is needed at their Global headquarters ten minutes from that old house. I would like to share with you also the absence of better medical care around this area. She is presently treated in Connecticut from a sudden illness. She is up there in Connecticut receiving better medical treatment. Local doctors failed to dig nose her serious illness. We have made an investment in Dunwoody's real estate. Such property was sitting for years looking for a buyer. That was a risk. Expressing my opinions is sharing the concerns of many in Dunwoody who lived around here for many years. I did not say any thing new. I expect to be heading back to our home in Connecticut and be with my wife on Valentine day. Happy Valentine day to you.


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