City Council Hears Both Sides on Brook Run Path

Friends of Brook Run Park president Kevin Corcoran presented the group's side to Dunwoody City Council members, Monday.


Dunwoody City Council listened to both sides of the Brook Run path debate, Monday, but took not official action, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution story said.

On Jan. 28, a DeKalb County Superior Court judge ruled that construction can proceed with a planned concrete trail through Brook Run Park.

Monday, Kevin Corcoran, president of Friends of Brook Run Park told Council members the $425,000 cost of a new multi-use trail was too high. Original costs were reportedly $132,000. Corcoran along with several residents had a petition with 1,100 signatures.

Trail supporter Travis Reid said park plans keep Dunwoody in line with other innovative city parks, according to the AJC story.  

The Crier has listed some of Friends of Brook Run Parks concerns including:

• Asphalt and creosote timbers dumped into a storm drainage area that flows into West Nancy Creek

• Use of the park as a city maintenance facility which brings increased truck traffic in the park

• Dilapidated and unsafe bridges

• Broken and hazardous sidewalks

• Significant tree loss in the dog park area due to water erosion and compacted soil. This information is outlined in tree study commissioned by the city and on the city’s website.

• Increased erosion and pollution issues in the area of a relocated dog park


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