City Council Approves Deal with John Wieland

"Project Renaissance" takes another step forward.

The Dunwoody City Council voted Monday to bring an Atlanta-developer onboard as a partner to revamp the Georgetown area.

John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods was expected to be brought into the project after the city selected the developer from two firms that bid to redevelop 35 acres on the 4500 block of North Shallowford Road.

Wieland proposes a mix of around 110 housing units across a 16-acre, city-owned parcel and and a 19-acre property the city has under contract that formerly housed Emory hospital.

A key feature of the development proposal are parks and green spaces that would be used by people buying homes in the private development as well as people that visit the area.

In related business, the city agrred to purchase the first three acres of the 19-acre former hospital site. The deal would is scheduled to close on June 15.

Rob June 13, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Can anyone provide a short and reasonable explanation of how we went from a no-vote on the parks bond, to a muti-million dollar housing development? Everyone I have talked with expresses more interest in park space than luxury homes and dulpexes or "paired homes" as we so eloquently say here in Dunwoody. Kind of like the "Green Market", everywhere else they are called famers markets?


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