Women Try to Steal $1,000 from Perimeter Mall in Purses

Six children were sent to live with a family friend after the arrests.

Some people use Perimeter Mall as a kind of an ATM machine.

Two women Friday are suspected of cashing in on a department store by using a bit of subterfuge, police say.

With six kids in tow, the two women were seen carrying baby stollers as they shopped in Dunwoody's main retail attraction.

They selected items off the rack - in an undisclosed store - and then retired to the dressing room with their baby's strollers.

When trying to leave - it turned out - the gig was up, police said. One woman was accused of taking $600 in retail goods and the other $400.  The clothing had been stuffed into large purses the women were carrying.

The saddest part of the ordeal - the kids were handed over to friends as the pair was arrested.


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