Woman Arrested for Suspected DUI

A wobbly vehicle caught the attention of witnesses near Perimeter Mall who called Dunwoody Police.

Alright, file this one under having one too many way too early. And then deciding to drive.

A woman was stopped near Springfield Drive and Courtleigh Drive, off Chamblee Dunwoody Road, after multiple calls of a suspected drunk driver were reported near Perimeter Mall.

Dunwoody Police reported the incident two hours ago.

A good samaritan followed the suspected drunken driver for around 2 miles; then a Dunwoody Police officer was able to stop and arrest the woman.

Before she was stopped by police the witness following her saw her plow into a mailbox on the 5100 block of Chamblee Dunwoody Road.

Dunwoody Police gave a nod to ChatComm dispatchers in the incident. They  assisted the witness and officer in tracking down the suspected drunken driver.




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