Two Suspects Arrested for Attempting to Steal from Abandoned Vehicle

Two people were arrested on I-285 near Ashford Dunwoody Road for suspicion of attempting to steal a catalytic converter.

Dunwoody Police arrested two people Saturday morning on I-285 eastbound near Ashford Dunwoody Road who were suspected of trying to steal a catalytic converter from an abandoned vehicle, police say.

The arrests occured early Saturday by an officer who was patrolling the interstate.

The officer originally stopped to help what he thought were motorists broken down on the side of the road. The officer noticed that the two people who were arrested were nervous and didn't have consistent stories, police said.

Police realized the pair were trying to steal the catalytic converter from the abandoned vehicle, police say. The converters are stolen by people because they have valuable metals like gold, platinum and palladium and can be worth $60 to $100 at a scrap metal shop.

Thieves are known to target vehicles that are abandoned and then cut out the exhaust systems out of them to sell the converters, police say.




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