'Tis The Season for Shoplifting at Perimeter Mall

Larcenies from cars abounded; one woman had a pistol leveled at here at the local mall; but major inicidents were avoided in the 2012 holiday season.

Just as predicatble as apple cider and the enjoment of family around the holidays, so are the robberies from Perimeter Mall.

It was a relatively quiet season in Dunwoody with no tragic events; although plenty of people had items stolen from their cars in and around the malls that were destined for loved ones.

Between Dec. 26 and Dec. 27, at least five larcenies were reported at the local mall. Most were break-ins to vehicles and therefore posed little risks to victims.

But that wasn't always the case. Dec. 18 a woman exited the Apple Store with two new cell phones and her bag was snatched deftly from her arm. The woman gave chase. A gun was leveled at her, She backed off.

In my mind, that what's insurance is for.

But in the grand scheme, Perimeter Mall, at least anecdotally, didn't seem to fare worse then in Christmas season's past. Police will soon provide the hard facts to be able to compare violent crimes and property crimes associated with area retail thefts.

One Atlanta-area community did experience tragedy and Dunwoody should consider itself lucky. A Lithonia man, suspected of stealing a DVD player(s) was apprehended by store security. The man died of asphyxiation and the case is being investigated.


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