Sneiderman's Bond Hearing Set

The bond hearing later this month could get her out of jail prior to court proceedings in DeKalb Superior Court.

Andrea Sneiderman will have a bond hearing on Aug. 21 that could get her out of DeKalb County jail as she awaits arraignment and other court proceedings, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

The bond could include a provision that she not try to influence witnesses, according to the report. Sneiderman was removed from the courtroom during the trial of .

Neuman, Sneiderman's boss at GE Energy, was convicted in March of murdering her husband, Russell Sneiderman. She is now facing a total of eight counts including a charge of malice murder that she acted "in concert" with Neuman.

Andrea Sneiderman, among other things, is accused of telling Neuman specifics about her husband's schedule the day he was murdered.  

in Neuman's court proceedings .

The AJC also reported that Russell Sneiderman's parents have filed an emergency custody order in the wake of the arrest. Andrea Sneiderman's in-laws had been seeking more visitation rights prior to her arrest.

One of Sneiderman's lawyers has also said that he expected to ask for a change of venue in the court proceeding for Andrea Seniderman, due to the intense media scrutiny of the case. 

jimmie August 07, 2012 at 01:22 AM
With two kids at home, no criminal record, I think Judge Adams (if hes the bond judge) will probably grant her a 1MM+ bond. As much as I think she is guilty of something heinous, she shouldn't lose her freedom for a year or more while trial is looming.


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