Shoplifting Suspect Asks Police to Watch Stolen Bike During Arrest

Mark Densmore, 44, of Atlanta, asks police to take care of his bike, which was stolen, as he was being arrested.

While Dunwoody Police Officers were arresting Mark Densmore, 44, on suspicion of shoplifting at a Wal Mart, he had other priorities on his mind. 

"During the arrest, the suspect asked the Officers over and over to make sure his bicycle was secure while he was in jail because it was “very nice and expensive,'" reads a post on the Department's Facebook page Tuesday, April 22. "Well we took the bicycle to store it for the man and also checked to see if it was stolen… and it was. The bicycle was reported stolen from a condominium in Atlanta just days prior. Now the man has more charges and no 'very nice and expensive' bicycle."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Densmore was booked into DeKalb County Jail Monday, April 21 on shoplifting charges. He could face additional charges related to the stolen bicycle. 

Densmore has served time in state prison four times, and was most recently released in December 2012 12 serving 18 months on a burglary charge. 


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