Police Step Up Patrols in Neighborhood After Possible Gang Shooting

One man was shot in the leg by three suspects after a reported exchange of words and gang signs in Chamblee.

One man was shot in the leg by three suspects after a reported exchange of words and gang signs. File|Patch
One man was shot in the leg by three suspects after a reported exchange of words and gang signs. File|Patch

There is an increased police presence in a Chamblee neighborhood after three men reportedly fired shots at another group Saturday night.

Donny Williams, Chamblee Police Chief, says that officers were called to 2696 Warwick Circle around 11 p.m. Saturday on a report of a person shot. The victim -- a 26-year-old man who lives on North Cliff Valley Way – suffered a gunshot wound to his thigh just above the knee.

The injury did not appear to be life-threatening, police said, and the victim was taken to an area hospital.

The victim and several witnesses told police they were all drinking in the driveway of the house when they were approached by three young Hispanic men. The groups reportedly exchanged words and gang-style hand gestures or signs were made by the three suspects.

One suspect allegedly drew a gun and fired several times, with one bullet striking the victim in the leg.

A witness reported seeing one suspect in the area later. Officers detained several groups nearby, but witnesses failed to identify them as the shooting suspects. The victim and several witnesses said they have seen the three suspects before and believe they live in nearby apartments.

mary kirkendoll May 27, 2014 at 08:26 AM
Living in the area of the shooting, I am indeed troubled by the lack of response from Chamblee officials. There has not been a peep from the mayor or council members. Gunfire out my window on 3 occasions last week alone! (Wed, Thurs & Sat) is UNACCEPTABLE!! As a matter of fact, Chamblee (elected) officials should take interest in responses I've received & reported from Chamblee police on several occasions brushing off the neighborhoods concerns of prostitution, rental homes, drug dealings & gangs, as no big deal. Even the city manager/ ex-police chief scoffed at me when I went to station to inquire what was the 'plan' for this new annexed area, considering the unsafe conditions. His response to me was "well, didn't ya see where ya moved, before ya moved here?" Again, just UNACCEPTABLE!! This neighborhood is teetering, on the verge of becoming just another low income immigrant rental Chamblee neighborhood. There needs to be a 'Save Wakefield Forest/Clairmont Terrace' group put together that will actually address our issues , offer solutions and push local government to work on protecting our homes.
Bill Lowe May 27, 2014 at 05:10 PM
Hi Mary Kirkendoll. Glad to see you have found your way to another Patch site to bash Chamblee. It's funny that you say no one will listen to you. Don't you wonder why? Perhaps you are as far from an expert on anything real estate related as you can get. When you are a racist, and you purchase a home 1 block away from Buford Highway which is the multi-cultural center of the Atlanta area, would anyone listen to anything you have to say about the matter? Maybe they are fearful of any contact with you because you have a proven history of legal issues and settlements with local governments. That history can easily be found by anyone that searches with something like Google for your name. I don't feel sorry for your lack of research on home purchasing---both in Chamblee and in Smyrna---that can happen to anyone that wants to be a racist and live in a racially diverse area. I feel sorry for your inability to understand how business, government, and redevelopment works. Government can help businesses to redevelopment, but cannot make the decision for them. You should start a group to save the neighborhood, but only after you seek some help for the problems that are only yours to solve.
mary kirkendoll May 27, 2014 at 07:52 PM
There is an effort by some to make this part of Chamblee uninhabitable for law abiding citizens. The group pushing illegal immigration is Citizens for Chamblee, headed up by previous poster. Anyone that wants better schools, stable neighborhoods, new businesses & REdevelopment will be searched out & slandered by this cyber stalker, Bill Lowe. I always say, follow the money. Wonder what's in it for this person, Mr. Lowe, who lives in one of the poorest areas of Chamblee , to cyber stalk and venomously attack anyone that believes Chamblee citizens and homeowners deserve better than the barrios it has become.
Longerthanu May 27, 2014 at 09:09 PM
Mary, seriously, what did you expect when you bought your home? Gang signs have been the norm along Buford Highway for a very long time... way before you moved to this neck of the woods. It will be another long time before redevelopment reaches your neighborhood. Advice: don't move to Gwinnett County next if you don't like Mexicans. Oh, and stop blaming others for your personal choices. Investigate before you invest.. or deal with the long term consequences.
Bill Lowe May 28, 2014 at 02:08 AM
Poor Mary Kirkendoll. Careful how you suggest slander, it could be used against you in some litigious way. Just for facts sake: Anything that has been said about you can be backed up by me or anyone that wishes to take the time to do some research on you. It is all publicly available information. Slander is "the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation." Now, your entire statement above is considered slander....none of it can be backed up by fact. Consult your attorney about what you can be held liable for and be prepared for yet another awakening. If I was a true stalker, whether cyber or in reality, I would use your own words to remove you from the neighborhood. If you are concerned about the neighborhood you live in and wish to reduce any illegal immigrant population, I would suggest that you contact the federal authorities with your illegal immigrant concerns. If you know of specific illegal immigrants, you should report them to the feds. Just because they are not the same color as you are, does not make one illegal. If you are concerned about redevelopment of your area and property values, I would suggest to not talk about it so openly. Although some people know who and what you are, not everyone does. It might turn off someone buying your home so you can move into Brookhaven. It could reduce the sales price of your home so you CAN move into Brookhaven. Trust me when I say this: Your moving into Brookhaven will be a great improvement to the neighborhood and city you currently live in. You can only guess how that would impact Brookhaven. Based off of your previous experience in Smyrna, I would not be surprised to see you leave even more money on the table when you take your flight. Toodles.


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