Police Arrest Suspects Wanted in Local Thefts

Dunwoody Police were tipped off to the suspects in a local Publix.

Dunwoody Police officers response to theft from Publix on Sunday netted three suspects; one wanted for theft and two who was in a car where items were recovered from a Sandy Springs burglary.

The call came from a customer at the local Publix who saw the suspects tryng to steal groceries, according to Dunwoody Police.

The caller gave a detailed and description of the vehicle and the occupants and the direction of travel.

A Dunwoody Police officer pulled the car over as it was headed into Sandy Springs, according to police.

jimmie December 04, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Rock on police!!! Lets get a description of the perps. Then lets take a finger from each if found guilty.


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