Man Accosted by Armed Robber in Dunwoody

Suspect is still on loose near Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

Friday nights seem to produce some of the wrost crime. In a case Friday, an armed robbery was reported on the 670 block of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

The victim was reported to have been robbed by two black men at gunpoint, according to police.

The vctim told police that he was left in the dark as the two suspects fled away in a dark-colored vehicle.

Anyone with information regarding the late-night incidentor similar incidents is asked to contact the Dunwoody Police Department 678-382-6900.

The recent incident was reported a few hours ago Friday night. No on was injured.


katie October 13, 2012 at 01:59 PM
My sister-in-law, from Atlanta, recently remarked to me how she reads about how much more crime there is in the city of Dunwoody than she used to hear about. I tried to explain that we've expanded our city limits, but I'm afraid that like her, other people view our city as not the safe haven as it once was, but as having as much crime as other parts of the city.
truth in advertising October 13, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Katie - all due respect, you and your sister are so wrong! On the contrary, Dunwoody is still one of the SAFEST places you can be. Crime is up everywhere - don't kid yourselves - but remember that our police department is triple the size law enforcement personnel than we had before, with a smaller geographic area to cover (as in, NOT Buford Hwy), so they're catching more of the bad guys. In addition, their communication is thorough with all the exposure through social media, so we simply HEAR more about what they're doing. Jason PLEASE change "Many" to "Man" in the heading!! and spell-check before you post!!


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