Dunwoody Man Arrested for Marijuana Possession, Lying to Police

Dunwoody Police used a new device to obtain the suspect's identity after he lied about who he was, police say.

It started with speeding down Tilly Mill Road near the North Brier subdivision, an area that Dunwoody Police are cracking down on.

It ended with the suspect misidentifying himself twice to the police, and then being caught with a misdemeanor amount of marijuana.

Michael Rosenstein, of 4682 Sharon Valley Court, Dunwoody, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of the offenses.  

Police say that mobile fingerprinting units that the department uses on both its day and night shifts helped positively identify the suspect.

"These fingerprint scanners have been pretty useful," said Officer Tim Fecht, who said the department bought them about six months ago.. "A lot of people we arrest don't have identification."

The fingerprint devices resemble scanners used to shoot UPC codes at the local Wal-Mart, he said.

Instead of ringing up a bag of dog food, the devices can identify suspects in a couple of minutes, Fecht said. Dunwoody uses the mobile fingerprint devices routinely to check for outstanding warrants and whether a suspect is on probation.

The device is Wi-Fi connected and links to the state's crime database. Police can't on-the-spot check the nature of prior offenses, but it can identify if someone is in the system.

Rosenstein's prior brushes with the law have been minimal, police said. He'd been cited before by Dunwoody Police for speeding.

Fecht said the area on Tilly Mill Road where Rosenstein was arrested has drawn the attention of police because it's recently redone surface makes it attractive to people drag racing - it also has easy access to Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, which can draw people, he said.

"Traffic enforcement is important because its one of the community's top concerns," Fecht said. "It also leads to bigger arrests."

Julie Smith July 18, 2012 at 09:12 PM
lieing = lying . Ever heard of spell check?
Jason Massad July 18, 2012 at 09:38 PM
Got it Julie. Thanks and Oops.


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