Dunwoody PD Helps Disabled Woman Return Home to D.C. Despite Skeptical Social Media

Dunwoody Police met the woman in a wheelchair on Christmas night.

Courtesy www.dunwoodyga.gov
Courtesy www.dunwoodyga.gov

Goodwill doesn’t always spread good cheer. Dunwoody Police came upon a woman in need of shelter on Christmas night and took her to a Salvation Army shelter, according to a DPD Facebook post. 

The woman called Dorothy was in a wheelchair, and had traveled to the metro area from Washington D.C., by Amtrak, but never encountered the friends she had come to visit, the Police post said. She stayed in Perimeter area hotels until her money ran out.

A Sunday morning DPD Facebook post said, “We're worried that Dorothy will become ill being outdoors in the weather. We'd like to help her secure an Amtrak ticket to Washington D.C. ASAP. The officers and Chatcomm dispatchers put together some money but need a little help with the rest. If you can help please email Sgt. Fidel Espinoza at fidel.Espinoza@dunwoodyga.gov.”

Within a few hours, an Amtrak ticket was purchased for Dorothy through I Care Atlanta, and arrangements were made for a hotel and food until her Monday departure.

A follow-up DPD post said several people responded with offers to help. Still several commenters were doubtful of Dorothy’s story.

“…The story doesn’t make sense,” said Oa Brown.

Sam O’Connor said, “…A normal, stable minded person would not drain their money away from home and go homeless. Has someone confirmed that she does have a home up north? Has she been seen by a medical doctor?”

Joshua Duke Pedowitz posted, “Good job hookin a junkie up with her drug money DPD. Very smart....”

Several positive and supportive comments were posted too. In response to the negative responses the DPD said, “We’ve interviewed her and are pretty confident we’re doing the best thing by helping her get home. We’re going to take some steps and work with Washington D.C. Adult Services to do a little follow up. Bottom line, Dorothy wants to go to home and we’re going to try to help her do that. If you can help us…thank you. If not, that’s ok too.”

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Michae1803 December 30, 2013 at 01:45 PM
The Dunwoody PD and Chattcom operators are to be congratulated for their compassion and generosity.
clancey December 31, 2013 at 08:57 AM
Dunwoody PD didn't want the homeless in Dunwoody and pushed the problem back to DC. That's the real "bottom line".
Elizabeth Elizabeth January 01, 2014 at 12:19 AM
This is exactly the kind of concern for people that we hope our law enforcement have and when they do go above and beyond then we need to acknowledge them as the heroes that they are. This was a kind and decent thing to do for a traveler far from home...
What goes around comes around January 04, 2014 at 04:53 PM
You're absolutely right Michael and Elizabeth. No idea what clanceys motivation for that comment is, as he doesn't even live in Dunwoody, so why would he have any idea what DPD's "bottom line" is. The REAL bottom line is that our city police department has zero tolerance for malcontent lawbreakers but they do seem to go above and beyond where possible to help those in need.
teresa harris January 09, 2014 at 06:27 AM
Thank you for helping someone in need. As for the negative comments just remember if something happens they will dial 911 for your help and sad they cant just be glad they have a county who cares. Great job!!! Does t matter what home or problem they may or may not have ..problem at hand was what is important and too bad your citizens cant show apprecation..... there is alot of counties they could move too... but someones always going to down grade any good someone else does. Keep paying it forward.. theres not a If or a but before showing kindness.. God blesses thos3 who help others... way to go!!!


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