Dunwoody PD Tallies More Suspected Fraud

iPhone sold on Craigslist, but money used in the purchase was not the real item.

It's happened before in Dunwoody. People make arrangements to sell X-Boxes on online classfied sites, customers show up, snatch the gaming system and then run off with the cash.

Bogus laptops have been sold out of a van near Best Buy on Hammond Drive. After a kid went to the bank and withdrew his funds, what he bought was an empty shell of a computer.

Not that these are all related, but fraud happens a lot, based on police reports. And it seems to pick up around the holiday season, say local law enforcement.

Tuesday, something similar happened. A deal was made through the popular online classified "craigslist.org" to sell an iPhone. The buyer employed a novel scam compared to the ones above: he used counterfeit cash, Dunwoody PD said.

Police are warning people to use caution when making these type transactions. A money order or a bank's cashier's check could have been a solution to this apparent theft.


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