Thieves Take Bikes, Truck, TV, Air Conditioning and More

Here is a rundown of this weeks Tampa Police crime blotter for Districts 2 and 3.

Friday, June 8

  • An unknown suspect removed the entire air-conditioning unit from a vacant residence in the 1200 block of East Caracas Street and fled. A search of the neighborhood came up empty. Police have no further leads.

Saturday, June 9

  • A man unlawfully entered a storage shed through an unlocked door in the  back yard of a house in the 1400 block of 21st Avenue East. Once inside the shed, the man took a Whirlpool washing machine valued at about $100 from inside. He was caught and placed under arrest while attempting to load the washing machine on a Walgreens shopping cart that he had in his possession. The defendant admitted to the offense after he was read his rights, police said.

Sunday, June 10

  • A man was sitting on a bench in Borrell Park, 808 E. 26th Ave., when three men approached from the south. The men demanded he give up his bicycle with the hispanic male displaying a black firearm, which was in his waistband. He then took the victim's bicycle valued at $300. One of the suspects rode off on the bicycle and while the armed man and third suspect continued walking. All three headed north on Nebraska Avenue.

Monday, June 11

  • An unknown suspect or suspects cut a fence in the 500 block of Floribraska Avenue and then removed a 1988 Dodge Ram truck, fleeing undetected. There were no cameras in the vicinity. No prints were lifted, and there are no other leads at this time.

Tuesday, June 12

  • A female juvenile stole a green Next mountain bike from a yard located on Sligh Avenue and proceeded to Flora Street, where she crossed a fence. Once inside the fenced yard, she entered a covered carport and took a second mountain bike, a blue Schwinn. The victim heard the thief in his carport and gave chase as the defendant carried the bicycle as she ran. She ran eastbound and then dropped the bike, where the victim recovered it. He then noticed another new bicycle was concealed in the bushes. The victim followed the suspect until the police arrived in the area and arrested her.
  • A Southeast Seminole Heights man who left his apartment in the 700 block of Plymouth Street for work at 11 a.m. returned at 7:45 p.m. to find broken glass on the floor. He saw his back window was damaged and found his 32-inch flat screen TV, worth $300, gone. Crime scene technicians processed the apartment for latent prints and took photographs. Neighborhood checks were conducted in the immediate area. A similar incident occurred at a nearby residence the day before.
Rich Guagliardo June 14, 2012 at 12:06 PM
The 700 block of East Plymouth is not in Southeast Seminole Heights. That is either VM Ybor or Ybor Heights. SESH's southern-most boundary is MLK, western I275, northern Hillsborough, eastern 15th St.
Susan Long July 06, 2012 at 02:52 PM
I am so sick of Patch publishing all the crime in D2 and D3 and saying it's all in SH. It is not!


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