Attorney Seeks to Depose Andrea Sneiderman

Sneiderman's ongoing dispute with in-laws over visitation complicated by her arrest in connection with the murder of her husband.

A judge will decide whether Andrea Sneiderman will be deposed in jail over a visitation dispute with her in-laws, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Sneiderman's attorneys are asking a Fulton County Superior Court Judge to allow a continuance on the deposition. Meanwhile, Esther Panitch, the attorney for Sneiderman's in-laws, brought up the possibility that Sneiderman may not be released from jail aftr her bond hearing August 21 and therefore should proceed with the deposition.

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Sneiderman's in-laws have sought more visitation with their two grandchildren.

Sneiderman was arrested last week on suspicion of being involved with the murder of her husband Russell Seniderman. The couple lived by the Dunwoody Library before Russell Sneiderman was killed in Novemeber 2010.

Hemy Neuman, Sneiderman's former boss, was convicted in the killing of Russell Sneiderman. Authorities say Andrea Sneiderman acted as a co-conspirator.

Read Andrea Sneiderman's indictment here.

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Alonso herrera August 14, 2012 at 03:19 PM
This chic is a freak. I see right through her cause I used to be just like her. She thinks she has all the (right) answers. She is a fraud!! Thank god I changed my life cause I could be sitting in a jail cell just like her. A Washington county judge once told me " you are a dangerous person and if I had the power, I would keep u in prison FOREVER!!" 10 yrs. Later I finally Got it together and live a crime free and HONEST life! Thank you!


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