Andrea Sneiderman Avoids Jail House Deposition in Family Law Suit

Sneiderman, accused of helping murder her husband, successfully delayed a deposition in a dispute with her in-laws over access to their two grandchildren.

Andrea Sneiderman will not be deposed until after an Aug. 21 bond hearing in a civil dispute with her in laws over her two children, according to the Alanta-Journal Consitution.

Lawyers for Sneiderman successfully argued that she was too focused on criminal charges made against last week to be deposed in the civil suit. Sneiderman is accused of being involved in the Nov. 2001 murder of her husband, Russell Sneiderman.

Andrea Sneiderman was arrested last week for suspicion of eight charges, including murder and perjury in the trial of Hemy Neuman. Neuman was convicted in March of gunning down Russell Sneiderman at Dunwoody Prep, a city daycare.

Andrea Seniderman's indictment said the she communicated her husband's schedule to Neuman the day that he shot Russell Sneiderman from point-blank range in the parking lot of the day care.

In the trail, Sneiderman denied that she had an affair with Neuman, her boss at GE Energy.  She was eventually banned from the courtroom after she was seen talking to witnesses despite instructions not to do so.



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