Community Standards Must Be Followed, Even in Strip Clubs

We know from experience across the country that the consumption of alcohol in a place where nudity is allowed is an invitation to disaster. The Supreme Court has determined communities can set standards for these establishments.

It is easy to get a controversy started. All one needs do is express an opinion rooted in a traditional moral or ethical position and there are people who disagree.  

Many people are willing to let all the barriers down allowing for what they see as total freedom. There are people advocating for no age limits in regard to issues related to alcohol or consent laws regarding sexual activity.

It seems any time a person or group of people point to traditional family values or morals rooted in the fabric of our country, there are others who complain that morals and old fashioned ideas are being forced on them. All laws are founded upon a set of moral standards agreed upon by the majority of the people in a culture. In every civilization we know of people who try to bend the rules to see how far they can push the limits the other way.

As law abiding citizens band together to set standards by which they want to live in community, there are others who insist they have an obligation to break the rules and live as they choose rather than going by the already established limits of conduct and behavior.

From the beginning of civilization people have needed rules by which they will live. It is the generally accepted viewpoint that stealing another person’s property is not allowed. Conduct has been monitored and restrictions of behavior are part of the make up of every society. When a community determines it does not want a certain behavior or establishment within the limits of the community, we have agreed they have the right to set the standards of conduct that will be allowed.

Our Supreme Court has established that community standards are to be determined by the citizens of the community. When a people determine they do not want a liquor store within sight of a school or house of worship, they are not imposing their old fashioned ideas but seeking to assure safety for those who attend school and frequent a house of worship. Because of the history of certain establishments across the country, a local community has the right to say they will allow a strip club but will limit the range of activity within the club to align with community standards.

The age old argument of insisting that those who disagree with removing all barriers “just move out of the neighborhood” is not valid. The community of people banding together do have the right to make their choices as to what businesses are within their borders.

We would all agree (I trust) it would be a mistake to allow for the sale of alcohol with the school lunch. We know from experience across the country that the consumption of alcohol in a place where nudity is allowed is an invitation to disaster. From where I stand, a community has the right to set the standards of conduct and the allowances of behavior in such establishments.

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jimmie February 11, 2013 at 09:44 PM
Nice reading everyone..got to go shower and get ready for council meeting attendance. Although this one seems to have a boring agenda
phil c May 24, 2013 at 02:28 AM
Ray Newman, jimmie, don Gabacho, Tammy Osier, Marie, et all: Your white sheets are ready at the tailors now, most of you men wear size 38 regular, don't you? And you ladies look so cute in the white hoods and matching swastika earings. While you're enforcing your narrow-minded hatred and bigotry on everyone else, why don't you change the town name from Brookhaven to Very White, and pass laws that not only requires a gun in every house, but a cross on every yard and loyalty oaths to the invisible man who lives in the sky who knows what you are thinking before you do. If there is such an entity and he actually knew what you demagogues were really thinking, he would strike you dead for the gross distortion and perversion of everything that is actually written in that sci-fi novel you worship; what's it called...oh yeah, the Bible. You have the audacity to call yourselves Christians, when most of your wouldn't know or lead a Christian life if it bit you on the leg. BTW: the Flintstones was not a documentary.
Brookhaven Maven May 24, 2013 at 03:46 AM
You can't legislate morality. In case you all missed it, the Pink Pony pays over $465,000 a year in taxes, permits and fees. http://thebrookhavenpost.net/?p=4860 $465,000 will fix a lot of potholes, improve a lot of park deficiencies, and even pay for a couple of extra police officers. Assign them to watch for drunk drivers leaving the Pony, and you can generate another couple of hundred thousand bucks a year in DUI citations. So far as community standards go, you have to ask yourself this: "How am I directly negatively affected by some guy from Doraville (Chamblee, Dunwoody, New York, Iowa. Brookhaven, Alabama, New Jersey) having a beer while he watches a girl get undressed?" My guess is -- wait for it -- not at all.
jimmie May 24, 2013 at 12:32 PM
I just know the enemy Dick and I pray God reacts the same way he did to Saddam and Gomorrah.
jimmie May 24, 2013 at 12:39 PM
Waaaahhhhhh, Waaaaahhhhh, somebody stole Dicks eye liner.....Waaaaaahhh. When Satan knows his days are numbered, he will release his angels to try and deceive as many as possible, Meet Dick..one of the angels meant to pervert the traditional family...see him for what he is...if he is a he..if he even knows...


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