'American Reunion' is a Raunchy Romp of Laughs

Break out the pie, the American Pie, that is. Its been nearly a decade since we last heard from the crew that made amorous behavior toward pastries so popular. Now they are back for the reunion.

The kids are back, rediscovering their youth, now in their thirties in "American Reunion."

This is the fourth installment of the "American Pie" franchise, featuring pastry lover Jim (Jason Biggs), nice guy Oz (Chris Klein), and party animal Stifler (Seann William Scott). Each character is dealing with some sort of midlife crisis and relationship problem that builds up to an actually funny comedic payoff in the end.

The supporting cast of secondary characters helps this film bring humor to sexless marriages, rehashed high school flings and dead-end careers … or, as I like to say, comic gold. This may be the best film in the series since the original, which came out back in 1999. Serving as a reminder of lost youth, many of these characters work better as awkward adults than as teens. 

Most of the jokes, as you might expect, are a bit disgusting. If pooping in a cooler or having your genitals trapped in a laptop is your idea of humor, this movie is for you. The flick-o-meter gives "American Reunion" a three out of five. Gross-out humor is not my thing but I did laugh a few times.

Make sure to catch the closing credits.  You get to see current shots of each actor juxtaposed to what they looked like in 1999. They were all so, so young then, but then again, weren't we all?

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