Celebrate English Teacher's Contributions to Dunwoody High

A GoFundMe campaign has been established to honor Peggy Roehsler.

Credit: GoFundMe.com
Credit: GoFundMe.com

Each Thursday in December, Patch is highlighting a local GoFundMe campaign in the area.

Today's focus is on a drive build a memorial for former Dunwoody High School teacher Peggy Roehsler.

On the GoFundMe page created for the campaign by John Stahl:

"Help us build a memorial to celebrate Peggy Roehsler's contributions to Dunwoody High School where she taught English. We are working with Dunwoody's administration to design an appropriate memorial and are considering a variety of ideas. One possibility is to create a reading and meditation garden on the school grounds."

Check out the GoFundMe page for further information.

Unlike other crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe focuses more on helping people fund community or very personal goals. GoFundMe is a Patch partner.

Do you know a project in the area that deserves funding? Let us know in the comments, in a blog post, or head over to GoFundMe.com to start one.

John Kloczkowski April 23, 2014 at 09:10 AM
The net of the net Peggy died from liver cancer. She was drunk the past 30 years of her life. She cheated on two husbands and had a horrible coke problem. She had many abortions and was proud of it. She has no family, just drug buddies. Her ex boyfriend John was slapping skins with Peggy a year before she got ditched her last husband. Dunwoody High does not care about her.
John Kloczkowski April 23, 2014 at 09:31 AM
Peggy was cheating 1 year before she divorced her last husband. She broke her last husbands heart. She got mad at her last husband and took all his fish out of the pond and laid them out in a row in the son and let them die.


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