The Weather Outside is Not That Frightful, but I'm Fired Up for Christmas

Area retailers are pulling out the decorations for the biggest Christian holiday of the year. And if you're looking for a decked out tree, a lit up Snoopy, a row of nutcrackers and all the rest of the decorating trimmings - hit it - they're al

When I rushed into the The Home Depot on Peachtree Dunwoody Road on Thursday around 8 a.m. (impressively they open at 6 a.m.); it was banked by its orderly, well-labeled rows of fastners, home decorations, flooring and plants.

And helpful workers in their signature orange vests.

I was there for a renovation project that required the help of a guy who turned out to be a really knowledgable orange-vested worker. He explained the problem, helped me hunt down the solution, and even had the patience to let me quiz him so there would be no chance of a return visit on this.

All due respect, sifting through metal dowels wasn't my best experience there, With the fasteners licked, I fell into the sort of amazement when I saw the Christmas decorations - piles and piles of them - strategically placed in the front of the store near the registers.

Whether it's planned to draw people like a Vegas casino or not, I fell into the sort of holiday trance after paying for my $14 fastners that was reminscent of the kids from a "Christmas Story."

Twinkling lights. Smell of fresh fir. A lit up Snoopy. A soccer-playing nutcracker. I made no purchase. Didn't really think to.

Sometimes, I'm cynical about all this stuff, and I literally mean stuff (I don't mean "really" when I say literally; I mean the opposite of figuratively.) Who cares about a lit-up Snoopy planted on the lawn?. Well, I'm realizing I kinda do.

Snoppy is there to help kick off the celebration; create the festive atmosphere. Plastic Santas too. And don't forget twinkly lights (although the blue ones making the rounds are just bad.)

Presents really don't do it for me anymore. But the chance to send rare time with my friends and family ... ahh heck,  it's a cliche.

It's only Nov. 1. There's no reason for this early Christmas retailing - some say profiteering - that creates even a faint memory of cheer. Right? 

Theresa Podsiedlak November 05, 2012 at 12:41 AM
You are missing the whole thing; it is the anticipation of the day that makes it sweet. Why not have a long anticipation period so that everyone can get to all of the great holiday parties and get-togethers that are in store at this time of the year. It isn't a one-day memory; it is a merry season that culminates on Christmas and then on New Year's. So...your are not right.
Jason Massad November 05, 2012 at 11:40 AM
Thanks for you comment. But doesn't the "stuff" celebrating Christmas build the anticipatiion you speak of? But I agree .... I'm not right. It was simply an experience that created an opinion.


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