You Can Get Anything You Want at Alison's Restaurant

Well, not quite. But the reviews from the eclectic cooking with many tasty twists. Soon, they will be hosting a singles night.

A family-atmosphere resturant in Dunwoody Village is a place that locals support, and - more importantly - rave about.

Now the restaurant is being used as a singles-meet-up spot. Hmm. Not bad for a little variety.

Apparently, a similar event was held at O'Brian's Tavern recently and was a success, according to Dave Frew, an organizer of the single meet-ups.

The idea behind the mixers is to allow traditional-type family groups of people to find friendship and fellowship. Frew is calling it a way for the young and old to reconnect after the devastation of divorce or the death of a spouse.

The next event is at Alison's Restaurant, a local favorite in Dunwoody Village. You can see why, check out the dinner menu. Currently 80 people are signed up to attend for the 7 p.m. Aug. 21 event.

Advertising for the group has made the rounds. It was featured in the Dunwoody Crier, Dunwoody's weekly print publication, and the Aha Connection a sort of craigslist blog that is focused on Dunwoody.

Don't forget to add your review to Alison's Restaurant. It's helpful to read reviews before you dine. Click on the restaurant link or leave a comment below.


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