Labor Day Spells End of Summer: What's Your Favorite Memory?

Workers recall the fun things they did during the hot summer vacation months.

So fall's almost here. What did you do this summer? Read a John Grisham novel? Spend some time at Tybee Island? Camp in the north Georgia hills? Most we talked to had fun, and some of them had special memories of summer 2012.

Cris Mullins, bar manager at Dunwoody Tavern, says that visiting a best friend in Wilmington, N.C. was the highlight of these hot months.

"I went to see her for a week. Went to the beach, got burnt, had some Low-Country Boil," Mullins said.

Patrick Sumner, a Sandy Springs resident, said he had a mixed bag of fun over the summer. The Network Systems employee, based in Sandy Springs, hit baseball games, music venues and a beer festival. He couldn't quite sum up all the best parts.

"I don't know - maybe the Variety Playhouse ... we saw the Brian Jonestown Massacre," an offshot of the popular Dandy Warhols, Mullins said.

President Huw Thomas, of the Dunwoody Restaurant Group, said that summer has been less about fun and more about business. Well, the business of creating fun for people, anyway.

"It's been all work and no play," he said, specifically of work done on the popular Dunwoody Tavern in the bustling Dunwoody Village. "We've turned this into a butterfly from a moth ... We've taken this restaurant back to its British roots." 







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