Recently Launched O'Brian's Tavern Making its Mark

The upscale tavern offers a relaxing English feel and some menu surprises, like a Lobster grill cheese sandwich. Don't, and I doubt you will, forget about the wide-selection of beers.

One of Dunwoody's newset restaurants is O'Brian's Tavern.

Don't be surprised if it's soon a hit and a regular hangout spot for those who frequent Dunwoody Tavern, another local favorite owned by the same guy.

The similarities are there with its Dunwoody Tavern brethren; spacious open spaces, pub tables and private booths, accented by the deep, polished wood that gives it an English tavern feel.

Bottom line: It's just plain relaxing to have a Heffeweizen in - and it has the friendly warmth of a British pub.

Oh yeah, and it has one of those English style red phone booths - you know, so you can make a cellphone call in private.

O'Brian's Tavern, the newest in the Duwnoody Restaurant Group - it opened in late June - also serves dinner and lunch. The menu offers a Lobster Cobbb Salad and even a whimsical grilled cheese and lobster sandwich.

The bar, as we've mentioned, has a wide array of tap and bottled beers, and serves wine by the glass - so no worries there. Patios out back accommodate smokers. The pub is located at 2486 Mount Vernon Road.

Given the newness of the pub, online reviews have been scarce so far. It won't be that way for long. The select few that have written have had this to say:

"Frank M." wrote on Yelp: 

Walking distance to a pub is a good thing for this neighborhood. Hopefully it is well supported and it seems like it's off to a decent start. Friendly staff. Solid pub menu and bar. Good pub decor. There's some seating outside that's covered and arranged nicely and probably will be pleasant when its not over 90 out. Its open for lunch now and it seems like its attracting a good crowd at dinner. Food service was fairly quick. Their own chips made fresh accompanied my fish tacos for lunch. And I found money walking home from the place so that's obviously a good sign. Will have to visit at night for a pint. 

"Fred B." had this to stay:

Fun place and interesting crowd. Great bar service, cold beer, and the lobster and Brie sandwich is super. The pub has an interesting backstory. The establishment is named after the father and mentor of Huw Thomas. His Dad was a Welshman and the colors are represented in the restaurant.

Add your own review? Could you see this place becoming a meeting place for Dunwoody's movers and shakers? 

Leave us a response in the comment section below. And, if you don't care about the mover-shaker crowd, leave us a review in the comments below.


Jason Massad August 15, 2012 at 09:12 AM
Have you tried O'Brian's Tavern? How does it compare to the much loved Dunwoody Tavern. The food? The drinks? The atmosphere?
Kathy Beiermann August 15, 2012 at 02:19 PM
A beautiful place with great food & atmosphere! Just what Dunwoody needed in that area! The Dunwoody Restaurant Group knows how to entertain!!


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