Chick-fil-A operating from former Arby's

Limited menu is being served until the restaurant is retrofitted, according to local food blog.

Hmm. This is an interesting piece from tonetoatl.com. We’ve reported that Chick-fil-A had been wanting to move into the former Arby’s after losing a very public fight awhile back to occupy the old Blockbuster Video store (now being renovated for another business.)

Seems it’s a Chick-fil-A, but only kinda. The author reports “only original chicken sandwiches or #1 combos and fudge brownies from 10:30am-8pm.”

From the blog:

From what I understand, the plan is to remain open in the space with a limited menu, exclusively via the drive-thru, until this Saturday, and possibly next week as well.  After this very limited "trial" period, the restaurant will close and be retrofitted to become a full service Chick-fil-A restaurant.  A Chick-fil-A representative reached at a nearby store said the new restaurant may open as early as January.  Personally, this timelime sounds far too optimistic and I'd expect an opening closer to spring, but who knows?

Could be a problem avoided too if true. The space already has a drive-thru; the hang up with the Blockbuster proposal.

Rob November 08, 2012 at 08:42 PM
So happy to see this family based (and beliefs) organization finally come to Dunwoody. After what happened before, I think they are going to add $2.00 to any car in the drive through hat has a DHA sticker :-)
Tracey Hill November 09, 2012 at 01:32 PM
I can't wait until they open for good. It's so nice to have a food establishment that appreciates its customers and responds ALWAYS with "my pleasure".


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