Bonehead's Coming To Town Brookhaven

The popular Perimeter franchise with a variety of tacos topped with Asian slaw will be located in the same stretch of the Brookhaven complex as Moes and the not-yet-arrived Brookhaven Animal Hospital.

Looks like another popular, upscale food concept woth casual dining is coming to Town Brookhaven. If you haven't heard of Boneheads Seafood, at Olde Perimeter in Dunwoody you soon will.

The resturant specializes in grilled, healthy seafood and  Piri Piri chicken. The sauces might be the topper. "Bird's Eye Chili" heats up the chicken and lemon, herb add to the mix.

Located in the same stretch of the complex as Moes is a space for the not-yet-arrived restaurant.

Boneheads will also be next door to Brookhaven Animal Hospital, which is also seemingly coming soon.


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