Staying in During the Winter Playing Video Games - or Playing in a Stream?

Dunwoody Nature Center cranks out programs close to home for young naturalists and explorers.

The hazy days of winter. You get bored. You pick on your sister. Your mom thinks your under foot all the time just after the first week of Christmas break.

Get off your bum.

For the semi-motivated, you just ain't got that far to travel to get to where you're surrounded by nature - even if you don't know it. The Dunwoody Nature Center is a natural gem on the city's northskirts - and they sure as heck don't let their winter wonderland pass them by.

The deal. Yeah it's a class. They're registering for 18 months all the way to 5th graders. Classes are trailored for different age groups.

There's some stuff not to be missed at the center. Wildcat Creek, being restored now, a dog walking area that's second to none, and - most of all - an enthusiastic leader in Alan Mothner that brings the whole camp a sense of joy and possibility.

The basis: reconnect kids to the natural world. It's a vacation miles from your backyard. If you can't leave your backyard, well, let's just say you should.

The center boasts 22 acres, four distinct habitats for exploration and a sense that this little world unto itself is a special creative place to learn and bond.

A connection to the natural world is one of the greatest gifts around, according to someone who told me that. My Dad. And, hey, you can enjoy all this before your 21.

Classes begin the week of January 14th.

Be there or be playing Modern Warfare - the choice should be easy.


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