Update: Photo's of Weekend Meteor Shower Prove Elusive

The late Saturday early Sunday morning celestial event is known for crazy pyrotechnics from the heavens. Anyone out there with some images? We really, really want to see.

So, the once-in-a-year celestial event - a big meteor shower - has under-delivered when it comes to photos, you know, mementos of the event.

Saturday's comet, which is a remnant of the famous Haley's comet, shot colorful sparks throughout the sky Saturday and Sunday. The big fireworks started at midnight and lasted to 2 a.m. The moon went down at the beginning of that.

Perfect conditions.

But as told by David Penly, the physical sciences and lab coordinator at Georgia Perimeter College Dunwoody, the event made it hard to capture for prosperity.

With telescopes "they're pretty difficult to see, (the comets move) much to fast to track and see," And it's hard to predict where they will be in the sky. "They're all just random. They come from where they come from, and it's hard to predict."

Hmm. That doesn't mean that some enterprising photographers that enjoy the hobby didn't luck up on some images. We've made calls to the Atlanta Astronomy Club and we're waiting to hear back.

But for now, be content with what you saw - if you were lucky enough to be under the shootiong stars. You might not have photos, but the memories are something you won't lose either.

But don't get it wrong. We're still calling for you to get in touch.  

Got any experiences to share? Take some photos even if you think they're not ready for "primetime" Or do you have a vivid memory of that lucky shooting star you got to see streaking across the night sky? Don't be shy. Share with us.

To school up on the celesetial phenom: The Oronid meteor shower, for those who don't know, has the second-fastest entry velocity of all the annual meteor showers. The meteors from the Orionids produce yellow and green colors and occasionally produce an odd fireball, says scientists.


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