Pet of The Week

Sunny is ready to go to a good home

This week's Pet of the Week is Sunshine - she goes by Sunny. The local dog - being cared for in Dunwoody - is ready to be adopted.

Sunny's a young adult, now around a year old. She's 45 pounds with a black and brindled coat. She's a shepherd mix with a white blaze on her chest and white on the tips of her paws.

She was rescued in the nick of time before she was going to be put down at a Clayton County animal control facility.

Sunny is described as as intelligent and energetic. She enjoys walks, playing with toys, cuddling with her family and playing other dogs. It's hard to miss Sunny. She has one ear that sticks up and one ear that flops over.

You can see more photos of Sunshine and others ready to be adopted.
The dogs on Dunwoody Patch are taken care of by Mercy for Georgia's Homeless Pets. If you would want to adopt, foster, or contribute a few dollars towards the vetting of a shelter dog contact Hannah Wildner at hmwildner@comcast.net or (770)-451-3809.

Remember that many of the state's pets end up at these animal control facilities. Studies show that only 40 percent make it out without being euthanized.

Mercy for Georgia's Homeless Pets focuses on rescuing animals from Clayton County animal control, a high-kill area. See the Facebook page of people who are trying to help animals out there.


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