Dunwoody PD Face Serious Trouble With Teens Over Weekend

A girl was attempting suicide and a boy was threatening family members.

Dunwoody Police responded to calls Sunday that were dangerous and could have turned tragic, they report.

Two separate 15-year-old teens were saying that they were going to attempt dangerous acts.

A teen girl dranks a half bottle of cough sysrup and cut her arm, according to police. The wounds turned out to be superficial, police say.

She was, however, taken to the hospital. She was in stable conditition, report police.

Meanwhile, a fifteeen-year-old boy was part of a more violent incident. The boy was arrested for aggravated assault after officers responded to the boy's home regarding a domestic disputic call.

On a different call than the original the boy was arrested for aggravated assault after officers respoinded to the same home regarding a domestic dispute and the boy was armed, police said.

The fifteen-year-old boy was said to have chased his older brother around as well as his uncle with a meat cleaver. No one was injured. The juvenile was arrested without further incident.


Jason Massad October 22, 2012 at 03:51 AM
In many cases the race is not identified - in the case of someone that is being sought by police we list the ethnicity if it is know. I point to a white female that was wanted for shopping card fraud ion Target last Monday. Thanks for reading!


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