Adoptable Pets in DeKalb: Meet Major and Zola

DeKalb County Animal Services provides humane care to homeless animals, pet adoption services and enforcement of animal control laws.

Zola. Credit: DCAS
Zola. Credit: DCAS

By Yvonne Samuels

Major (ID# 22221172) is a 2 year old German Shepherd / Akita mix. He is a beautiful dog; with the best features of both breeds.  Everyone has heard about the intelligence of German Shepherds and Major is no exception; he is very smart!  While it’s great to have a smart dog; temperament is equally important and Major shines there as well.   Major is friendly and very affectionate.  Intelligence, friendliness and affectionate is a winning combination in any pet.  If you can provide Major with the loving care he deserves please come meet him.  You will have a wonderful, loyal friend and companion.  You can see Major at the Dekalb shelter or for more information emailadoption@dekalbanimalservices.com

Zola (ID# 22325996) is a 6 year old shepherd / beagle mix.  She is super adorable!!  Zola is an absolute sweetheart and she wants to shower her people with love.  She is a very loving pet; looking for a very loving home.  If you can give Zola a safe, caring and loving home please come see her at the Dekalb shelter or for more information emailadoption@dekalbanimalservices.com.

DeKalb County Animal Services
845 Camp Rd 
Decatur, GA 30032

Dogs: $95 
Cat: $75 
Dogs and cat over 5 years old: $40 
Adoption of dog or cat to a person over 55 years old: $40

Adopted animals receive complete vaccinations and are spayed and neutered. Dogs receive heartworm testing. Cats receive FIV/FeLV testing.


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