Urgent plea for lost dog with medical conditions

Debi  L Lastinger lost her dog ,she's  been missing her best friend, Kharma Li, since June 21. She is a 10 year old spayed female black and white cocker spaniel with a seizure disorder. We have had recent reports that a couple in their early 40’s is caring for her and may be looking for her owners. I am frantic to find her, both because I miss her and am concerned for her health. She was due for her annual bloodwork in July (which is fairly expensive) and needs dental work. If you have a neighbor, friend or acquaintance that has acquired a female cocker of this description recently, would you please call 404-693-1829. There is a reward for her recovery and I will be responsible for any costs incurred in her interim care. Additionally, I am committed to assisting this couple in the acquisition of a replacement companion from one of my many new shelter friends – one in better health – should they so wish. I know by this time they will have fallen in love with Kharma – it is not hard to do so – and will be sad to see her go. But I hope the joy they see in me, in her and in my family and friends will serve as solace, as will a new companion. Please help me – I am bereft.


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