Perimeter CIDs Start Work Thursday (Sept. 12) on Hammond Interchange Pedestrian Improvements

The Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs) will start work tonight to install brickprint crosswalks in the Hammond Half Diamond Interchange at Hammond Drive and Ga. 400 to improve pedestrian safety and enhance the appearance of the interchange.

“Some lanes on the Hammond Drive portion of the interchange will be closed as needed to complete the work,” said PCIDs Program Manager Jennifer Harper. “The ramps will not be affected.”

Harper said all work will be done at night after rush hours and that the project is expected to be completed early next week.

“Brickprint crosswalks blend thermoplastic and asphalt and adhere and mold to the asphalt underneath,” explained Harper.  “They are labor intensive to put down, but more durable.”

The attractive, highly visible pedestrian improvements also are part of the PCIDs’ branding for the Perimeter market, Harper said.


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